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Words sometimes can’t describe what a video can say!

Dine By Season HD.mov1/17/13 9:14am
Sooke Harbour House kitchen spotlight.
Sunny winter morning in January 2013 in Sooke on Vancouver Island1/12/13 5:32am
Created on January 11, 2013 using Flip Share. A winter morning by the ocean in Sooke, BC.
a Winter Morning at Sooke Harbour House1/03/13 10:13am
Created on January 2, 2013 using FlipShare.
Sooke Harbour House Driftwood ChristmasTree12/09/12 1:12pm
Created on December 8, 2012 using FlipShare.
Garnishes from our edible garden on December 712/09/12 12:31pm
Recorded on December 7, 2012 using a Flip Video camera.
Dine by Season12/09/12 6:16am
UG Sooke web april 2012 03 VIMEO 720p4/25/12 2:16am
UG Sooke web april 2012 02 VIMEO 720p4/25/12 2:10am
Untamed Gourmet, Sooke Harbour House video4/24/12 7:42am
Sooke Harbour House food philosophy: local, seasonal with our Head Chef Robin Jackson and Co-owner Sinclair Philip.
EMCS Culinary Art Program Annual Buffet November 201111/28/11 2:26pm
Created on November 27, 2011 using FlipShare.
Sooke Harbour House Slow Food Mushroom Foray and All Mushroom Dinner #211/01/11 8:45am
Saturday, November 5th, 2011: We will be holding our second Slow Food Sooke Harbour House Mushroom Foray and an All Mushroom Dinner for all who were unable t...
SlowFood Mushroom Dinner at Sooke Harbour House10/28/11 5:55am
Following our Slow Food mushroom event, we collected some notes from our guests and chefs to give you a quick recap of what happened here at Sooke Harbour Ho...
What to take with you on a mushroom foray10/19/11 2:20pm
Sinclair Philip gives an overview of a number of practical items that you may want to bring along on a mushroom foray. From basic necessities to luxury items...
Between Friends at Sooke Harbour House Oct 18 201110/19/11 10:47am
Girlfriends getaway at Sooke Harbour House, oceanfront resort on Vancouver Island Created on October 18, 2011 using Flip Share.
Sooke Harbour House on KHSP Radio, Las Vegas10/07/11 6:57am
This radio interview with KHSP was recorded and aired this summer. Sinclair Philip talks about history, philosophy and core values that made Sooke Harbour Ho...
Seaweed Tour with Diane Bernard and The Herb Farm Staff - Part 29/30/11 9:29am
Seaweed tour hosted by Diane Bernard of SeaFlora and Sooke Harbour House for our friends and guests, staff of the Herb Farm of Woodenville Washington. Seawee...
Seaweed Tour with Diane Bernard and The Herb Farm Staff - Part 19/30/11 8:24am
Seaweed tour hosted by Diane Bernard of SeaFlora and Sooke Harbour House for our friends and guests, staff of the Herb Farm of Woodenville Washington. Seawee...
Sugar Flower by our Pastry Chef Matthias Conradi for a wedding cake9/21/11 7:59am
Created on August 24, 2011 using FlipShare.
Hugh Kruzel introduces wine pairing8/25/11 9:38am
Short introduction to a series of videos on our wine program.
Robin Jackson and fresh morels at Sooke Harbour House8/23/11 10:55am
Preparing for dinner at the Sooke Harbour House on a beautiful summer evening in August8/22/11 11:23am
Early afternoon a walk around our dining room and sun room while a wedding was going to happen in our gardens by the ocean, a beautiful sunny and calm evening.
Seaweed Part 28/20/11 2:43am
This is Seaweed Spa at Sooke Harbour House. Pioneered by Diane Bernard and Sooke Harbour House we are still using seaweeds in our spa products, food, we do s...
Seaweed Part 18/20/11 2:24am
This video is recorded by the NEW VI, featuring Sooke Harbour House, Frederique and Sinclair Philip, Diane Bernard of Sea Flora, formerly Outer Coast Seaweed...
Private Wine Tasting at Sooke Harbour House8/11/11 5:40am
Private tasting out in our gardens overlooking spectacular vistas and featuring some excellent BC wines from our wine cellar. Recorded by Frederique Philip a...
Morel Mushrooms for Sooke Harbour House7/14/11 7:53am
Sooke Harbour House owner, Sinclair Philip, harvesting fresh morel mushrooms in Northern British Columbia. Harvested on July 11th and will be served fresh in...
Real Spirit of Christmas12/15/10 7:35am
Misteriously decorated Christmas tree appears every year on Whiffen Spit in Sooke.
Gingerbread santa's scene12/11/10 7:21am
Wonderful gingerbread Santa's scene Created by Donna Paton and Katarina of Sooke Harbour House on December 8, 2010 , very detailed, a very unique thoughtful ...
Gift shop at Sooke Harbour House12/11/10 7:05am
Recorded on December 8, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder. A little view inside our small but unique gift shop at Sooke Harbour House.
Seasoned Greetings from Frederique Philip12/09/10 6:40am
Personal greeting from Frederique Philip, co-owner of Sooke Harbour House.
Tuberous Oxalis ( Tuberous Nasturtium), winter vegetables12/09/10 4:34am
Winter vegetables grown at Sooke Harbour Farm, freshly picked by our head gardener Byron Cook and prepared by our chef Robin Jackson.
May 2010 Fashion Show Highlights6/29/10 2:07am
Sooke Harbour House fashion show, featuring local designers, models, jewelers and even mimes.
Lifetime_Achievement_Award.swf6/02/10 4:27am
Video by Vancouver Magazine featuring Vancouver and Victoria chefs congratulating Frederique and Sinclair Philip of Sooke Harbour House on receiving Lifetime...
Sooke Harbour House 20083/11/08 2:12pm
Unique West Coast Inn with organic edible gardens, unconventional art gallery and one of Canada's best restaurants and wine cellars.
Edible Gardens at Sooke Harbour House3/06/08 6:13am
Sooke Harbour House pioneered what now is known as West Coast cuisine. Our completely edible, seasonal, organic gardens are the sourse of fresh herbs, veggie...
Discover Vancouver Island right from our door step10/18/07 8:05am
Our area, pristine wilderness, hiking trails, whale whatching fishing and much more on number 1 rated Island in the world.
Sooke Harbour House Gardens10/18/07 7:40am
Fresh as can be, very local, organic to the core, absolutely seasonal garden at Sooke Harbour House has always been a primary feature and part of this unique...
Art of Sooke Harbour House New segment 200710/18/07 7:13am
Fresh look at the art and the artists at Sooke Harbour House.
Sooke Harbour House7/20/07 3:36am
Discover the Sooke Harbour House, Hotel, Restaurant, Gallery, and Spa.
"Nature's Bounty"7/20/07 3:02am
Edward Tuson, our head chef, preparing an edible flower salad. This video is full of information, great tips and some insite into our cooking philosophy.
Art of Sooke Harbour House7/20/07 2:45am
"Nature's Inspiration" Artists and guest share their passion, inspiration and appreciation of things around us. Great shots of wildlife and scenery around So...
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