Vedrana Ascroft

Vedrana Ascroft

Vedrana Ascroft

Vedrana was born and raised in Croatia (former Yugoslavia) and immigrated to Canada in 1992 at the tender age of 21. The war which erupted in her country of origin acted as a catalyst in fulfilling her lifelong dream of making Canada her home. Thanks to the love and support of her uncle, aunt and extended family in Sudbury Ontario, this little dot on the map in the heart of the lake studded and wildly beautiful part of the world became her “Canadian home town” and the “mile 0” of her new life’s journey.

Dockside Ballet original Acrylic on Canvas - $395.00 CAD


Many years of traveling across Canada and residing in a number of cities and towns from Ontario to B.C. added rich visual and emotional content to her “inspiration well” and deepened her appreciation of the beautyand diversity of this country’s landscape, nature and people. But it was her affinity with the ocean and the West Coast that ultimately brought her to Vancouver Island where she now lives with her husband and their two children.

Oriental Poppy #1 - Acrylic on Canvas -$465.00 CAD

Creating art has always been an integral part of my soul’s journey. It is my meditative tool, my path to discovery and understanding of self and the world around me. When I’m in alignment with something that needs to express itself through my brushstrokes on canvas, it feels as if my paintings are painting themselves and I am merely an instrument in this creative process of turning a “feel good” state of being into a material form.

I have been painting and drawing from a very early age, intuitively learning as I continued to explore different styles, techniques and subject matter.  Although I worked with oils, pastels, chalk and digital media, acrylic on canvas is my favourite medium, due to its versatility, fast drying properties and layering ability that adds a desirable dimension of depth.

Etched deepest into my creative subconscious are life’s simple pleasures: taking a closer look at an intricate flower, feelings of awe evoked by elements of nature, comfort found in past memories, beautiful scenes or familiar places, people and objects that surround us in our daily lives. While the list of things that inspire me to paint is ever-expanding, colourful still life infused with a sense of movement, gardens, landscapes and marine themes frequent my canvases as symbols of sustenance, abundance, connection with the land and fruitfulness of human endeavours.

Drenched in vibrant colors, each piece I create is a celebration of life in itself.

My hope is that the patrons and viewers of my art will be touched by the joy I feel when bringing it into existence.