• My spirit soars! The tranquility, the sounds of nature, the beauty & the wonderful environment you have provided has caused me to get calm & reconnect to the universe. I am humbled & yet elated & to share this with my special friend, this is icing on the cake! Thank you Sooke Harbour House!


  • We wish to share our sincere appreciation to all here at Sooke Harbour House. We were married yesterday and it couldn’t have been more perfect! From the staff at the front desk, the servers, the dining room staff, the housekeepers, Pat the coordinator. They were all instrumental in creating the day of our lives!! We look forward to coming back & enjoying the breath taking beauty that surrounds this beautiful inn!


  • Words cannot describe how beautiful this place is! This is not a hotel – it is a home! Our one night stay has been the highlight of our two week holiday on Vancouver Island. This home is heaven on earth.

    Ley & Pete

  • Our two nights here have been the most relaxing get-away we’ve had in a very long time. This place is such a magical escape from “the real world!” I will keep the view from the comfy hammock chairs in my memory for a very long time. Plus, the staff here is almost too nice & all the added touches like the amazing food, picnic backpack & housekeeping service. Love it!

    Bonnie & Seth

  • We thought you would appreciate a few print photos of our beautiful day at Sooke Harbour House.  I love that Stephanie captured you seeing her and waving at the camera.  As I said earlier, we are really grateful for your coordination beforehand and your presence that day.  Everything felt flawless, and I know that was no incident.  Be sure to pass our gratitude along to Hugh as well, since he made everyone feel like royalty that day (not just the two of us!)  Thanks again for everything, and I hope you have been having a relaxing and beautiful summer.

    All the best,

    Lauren & Andy

    Hi Everyone ,,
  • Thank you, especially the fabulous Jill and the generous and kind Sinclair Philip.  Thank you so much for making our wedding day such an amazing and wonderful experience.  It truly exceeded our expectations…..despite the rain!  You were so accommodating and hospitable.  A memorable day!

    Jamie & Lindsay

    To the Staff at Sooke Harbour House,,
  • I have been to so many romantic, beautiful places & hotels around the world….Asia, Europe….United States but this place, the Sooke Harbour House is really a very cozy & romantic peaceful hotel. I heard about this place from a friend of mine in Vancouver. This is really more than what I’d expected & would love to stay longer. The romantic feeling of lighting my fireplace, having my cd turned on, drinking champagne, having a soak in the tub outside…..wow! What more can I say! Together with the fresh ocean air & the peacefulness of the environment, this place is one of the best that I have ever been too. My husband & I are very happy; the romantic feeling is back. Thanks Sooke Harbour House!


  • Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!  Thank you for making our wedding day perfect in every way.  We will see you in 10 years!


    Nick & Jodi Miller

    Dear Sooke Harbour House,,
  • Marlowe and I wanted to thank Sharon, Vincent and the Pastry Chef Matthias for their extra efforts on Friday night. Marlowe was overwhelmed by dinner and the artistry of the desert course; which included an engagement ring. You made us both extremely happy and we can't thank you enough.

    The Harbour House and its people really are something very special.


    P.S. Thankfully she said YES!

    Thank you!,
  • http://www.latimes.com/travel/la-tr-recs22jan22-story.html#page=4

    LA Times Readers’ recommendations from 2005,
  • Thank you so much for helping coordinate our wedding at Sooke Harbour House.  It turned out better than we could ever have imagined!  Everyone had a great time and the food was out of this world!  We had a couple cozy evenings in the Mermaid Room but where lucky enough to also stay in the Thunderbird Room.  What a gorgeous room and the view!!!  Wow is all that we could say.  Please also thank everyone at Sooke Harbour House that helped to make our day as special as can be!

    Thank you,

    Noriko & Mark

    To everyone at Sooke Harbour House,
  • Five years ago today, Jim and I were married at Sooke Harbour House. Thank you, Sooke Harbour House for reminding me why we did this. I was apprehensive about coming back because I was forgetful that it may have changed and lost some of its magic. We are delighted with our stay and the friends who shared it with us. We will be back!

    Carole & Jim

  • We are celebrating our 36th wedding anniversary. What a wonderful ride it has been, 6 beautiful children (5 boys & 1 girl) and 7 magnificent grandchildren. Our life has been what many have called charmed and magic… the only advice we can give for the recipe for a happy marriage it to be nice to each other – love each other and know that life is fleeting – make the most of it!! We have had a wonderful time here at Sooke Harbour House. It has all the elements for romance and regrouping from a hectic city life. We wish you all this place has to give.

    Best wishes for happily ever after,

    The Ponhollms

  • We were so happy to have you help us coordinate the most important day of our lives!  Everything ran smoothly and it was truly beautiful.  Thank you!  Thank you to all of the staff for making us so welcomed and being so hospitable and accommodating.  We were truly blown away by everything from the room and to being so open to where ever we wanted the wedding to take place.  We also wanted to send our compliments to the restaurant staff.  The food was truly the most amazing food both of us have had.  What an amazing creative team of chefs you have.  Also our server (I am sorry his name has slipped my mind) made us feel like royalty.  Thanks again for all of your hard work!

    Nicole & Jo

    To All Staff,,
  • The perfect place for the perfect wedding, our deepest thanks to all the staff at Sooke Harbour House for making our small modest celebration one we will never ever forget. We had outstanding service, amazing attention to detail, hospitality surpassed by none. Thank you for the memories!

    Jodi & Nick

  • A loving note can barely express how you have added to our happiness.  We would like to send our sincerest thanks for your thoughts, prayers, wonderful gifts and presence in our lives.

    We thoroughly enjoyed our wonderful day and were thrilled that you could be there to share it with us.  Our honeymoon was spent at the beautiful Sooke Harbour House overlooking the Olympic Mountains across the Strait of Juan de Fuca in Sooke, B. C. on Vancouver Island.  We relaxed, went site seeing and even went on a Deep Ocean Fish Charter where we caught a 12 pound Chinook salmon.  The resort was amazing with themed décor rooms with breath taking ocean views, a balcony or terrace with private deep soaker tubs as well as comfortable sitting area in front of a wood burning fireplace.  We just wanted to let you know what a spectacular honeymoon we had at your resort.  We would recommend it to anyone.

    From the most happy couple!

    Dear Sooke Harbour House,,
  • The Mermaid Room – this is a room of fancy, it is whimsical and sensual. We have been here for 3 nights and transformed to this room on our last night. It is so peaceful, we sat outside in the morning to watch the tide return and to sun grow strong. Last night we used the hot tub and the full moon whose reflection was shining in the water. After several days at Sooke Harbour House I’ve come to think of this place as a dream turned into reality. Almost anything you could think of that would allow you to feel cared for and to feast upon is done. This spot is beautiful with flower, herbs, and wild life. The wonderful friendly staff – knowledgeable and helpful have made this a truly memorable time for our family

    David & Irma

  • My boyfriend and I decided to take a road trip. We drove from Seal Beach, California all the way here! We stopped many times, visiting cities and small towns and staying in a ton of beautiful hotels. This hotel, however is my favorite. Room #7 the Mermaid Room offers a very relaxed yet playful environment. I love that the whole room is decorated with mermaids, the pillows, the pictures, and I especially like the stained glass. Although it has been raining ever since I got here, the view from my room couldn’t be more beautiful. The water is choppy and sending small waves crashing on the shore. Sooke Harbour House is amazing! Wonderful service & a delicious dinner made my stay here one I could not forget. Thank You!


  • There is a memorial bench on Whiffin Spit for someone who died much too young. The quotation that accompanies the name: “Life is not about the number of breaths you take, but about the moments that take your breath away.” Sooke Harbour House is about the latter. What Frederique & Sinclair Philip have created does not lose its luster from year to year. It’s a rare and wonderful thing that after nearly thirty years. Sooke Harbour House is as personal and as beautiful an experience as ever. It is as close to an artistic experience as one can have under the guise of a hotel and restaurant. This is my third visit and I know I will be back again and again.

    C. B.

  • We eloped at Sooke Harbour House and I would highly recommend the secret hearts package! My husband tentatively made a reservation before he proposed and we only had 10 days to organize the wedding. The innkeeper Frederique Philip was very accommodating with such a short booking and had local contacts for us to book hair, make-up, photographer and marriage commissioner. We are thankful for their understanding and being well prepared for a short elopement booking to help us through the process!

    The secret hearts package was an ideal way to spoil ourselves prior to the wedding ceremony with in room breakfast and massages and finished the day with dinner in their famous restaurant. The food was magnificent and we loved that a lot of the produce is grown on the grounds. I would highly recommend paying that little bit extra for wine pairing with each course!!

    Our room was in the original part of the house (Blue Heron Room 2) with it's own balcony overlooking the gardens and bay where we could see seals and otters frolicking in the water with eagles flying over head. It is located above the restaurant but it was very quiet. It has a spa beside an open fireplace, very romantic. The location, facilities and staff made our stay memorable and we will definitely return to soak up some more of the relaxed atmosphere!

    “Fantastic, one of the most beautiful places in the world!”,
  • What an amazing peaceful place to stay. The room is just so cozy and comfortable, so easy to enjoy and relax. From the beautiful garden view, the fire, hot tub and delicious food, everything was just so perfect. It is so quiet here except the faint rumble of the water. It feels like time is standing still and we are in our own private world. We have loved it so much here in the mermaid room and we most definitely will be back!

    Erica & Byron

  • Thank you so much for helping to make our wedding day so special.  Every detail was perfect and the occasion was beyond our greatest expectations!  Everyone was fantastic.. my flowers were gorgeous and the cake was delicious!  I didn’t have a chance on the day to thank everyone involved and to let you know how grateful I was.  We are looking forward to coming back to Sooke Harbour House for a relaxing and peaceful getaway.


    Katia and Richard

    Dear Sooke Harbour House,
  • This was a beautiful escape for 3 days. We can’t believe the view from the room! The inn is comfortable and creative in food and décor. Our favorite part has been the incredible wildlife viewing. We went kayaking on Sooke Basin and saw Harbour seals, otters, bald eagles, oyster catchers, killdeer, merganzers, trumpeter swans, starfish and jelly fish. This trip is our last getaway before our daughter is born.

    Heather & Steve

  • We had our wedding reception in the tented pavilion last night. It was absolutely incredible! The ambiance is breath taking, like something out of a fairytale. We are honeymooning in the Sea Song Room and words can’t describe it. This room with the jetted tub, fireplace and balcony overlooking the ocean was the perfect setting for our wedding night. There is so much character in the Sooke Harbour House with the real wooden furniture pieces, the pottery basin style sinks and the truly unique and original artwork throughout. The breakfast was delicious and spending our first morning as husband and wife, having coffee on the balcony overlooking the ocean is a perfect way to start our life together. Thanks to the Sooke Harbour House for a truly memorable experience.

    Kevin & Alana