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Weddings, Bliss, Honeymoon, more bliss, Sooke Harbour House is one of the most romantic small resort to tie the knot!

Young Travellers
High 5 for Marriage ceremony Island Destinations in U.S. and Canada
5. Vancouver Island – Vancouver,  By William Phelps
Whiffen Spit Beach, Sooke, Vancouver Island
Vancouver Island is the ultimate destination for travel and leisure. Additionally it is among the many most wanted wedding venues within the world. Famous as “Canada’s Paradise on the Pacific,” the Vancouver

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Sooke Harbour House is romantic by essence..and much more!
Romantic by essence
Vancouver Island’s Spa Hideaway is our Sooke Harbour House and yours!. A place where we want each one of you, our  guest to forget for a few hours, a few days, the outside world! A place where cell phones, computers should be checked in upon arrival, you won’t need them ( no withdrawal,

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