Spa Services

hotrocksSooke Harbour House offers the ultimate in Spa experiences. Combining elements of stone, garden herbs, and the sea to enhance your body wellness, a variety of nurturing body, massage, and aesthetic treatments are available. Enhance your Massage, Body or Aesthetic treatment with one of our Herbal Aromatherapy or Oceanic Blends.

No longer viewed as a luxury but as a necessity to exist in today's fast paced world. Visit Sooke Harbour House today and re-energize, revitalize and renew your body, mind and spirit. Enquire about our “spa parties” and Thalassotherapy treatments. Allow our professional therapists to help you reach your personal state of well-being.

facialEnhance your Massage/Body or Aesthetic treatment with one of our Herbal Aromatherapy or Oceanic Blends. Our herbal essential oils are carefully prepared and added to the massage oils or aesthetic products by our trained and certified Aromatherapy Specialists.

Our herbal blends are precisely designed and chosen to provide a balanced enhancement to any one of our treatments, each with it's own specific task:

Sore muscle blend (rosemary, clove, basil, marjoram, peppermint)

Stress/Relaxation blend (lavender, clary sage, mandarin, ylang ylang)

Anxiety/Overwhelment blend (bergamot, neroli, rose, lavender) Lymph digestion blend (peppermint, ginger, fennel, cypress)

Our seaweed oil consists of natural seaweed ingredients from our Westcoast beaches. You can request to have an herbal aromatherapy or seaweed oil aromatherapy added to your treatment for an additional $15.00. The herbal essential oils work with your body for up to 72 hours enhancing your spa treatment dramatically.


Please See Below for Spa Brochure and Call: 250-642-3421 to book your spa treatment.  Please note that the spa has a 24 hour cancel or change policy.  The Massage Practitioners are not recognized by BC Medical.

Massage Treatments

Swedish Massage
Relaxation massage using medium
(Herbal or Thalasotherapy)
1 hour              $135
1 1/4  hours     $165
1 3/4 hours      $230

Deep Tissue Massage      (Herbal or Thalasotherapy)
Relaxation massage         1  hour              $145
using firm, deep              1 1/4 hour         $175
pressure                             1 3/4 hour         $240

Raindrop Massage
Swedish massage with nine essential oils applied with a raindrop technique.
1 hour              $145
1 1/4 hours      $175
1 3/4 hours      $240

West Coast Hot Rock Massage - available in the Potlatch Room only.
(Herbal or Thalasotherapy) available in Potlatch room only
1 ½ hours        $215
1 3/4 hours      $250

Aromatherapy Facial Massage
(Herbal or Thalasotherapy)
1 1/4 hour        $175
1 3/4 hours      $240

Body Treatments

West Coast Body Wrap  (Herbal or Thalasotherapy)
Complete body detoxification followed by a Swedish massage.
2  1/4 hours         $275

West Coast Glow (Sea Salt Scrub)
A Swedish massage is followed by a full body exfoliation with sea salt and steam shower with essential oils.                                       (Herbal or Thalasotherapy)
1 3/4 hour         $245

West Coast Bronzing
A Swedish Massage followed by sea salt exfoliation, steam shower with essential oils and an application of self tanning lotion.
1 3/4 hours       $215

Esthetic Treatments

Alpha-Vital Uplifting Facial
Treatment consists of a gentle fruit mask peel, our AHA products,  finishing with relaxing neck, shoulder and scalp massage. Facial promotes cell renewal, dramatically
renewing skin’s firmness and elasticity to lift and firm
facial tissues.                                 1 3/4 hours      $195

Signature Facial
Deep cleansing and hydrating facial followed by a neck
and shoulder massage.
1/4 hours      $165

Anti- Aging Facial
This facial focuses on any fine, or stress our facial features

1 3/4 hours   $185

Manicure & Pedicure
West Coast Pedicure                     1 hour           $99
Signature Pedicure                       1 hour           $99
Spa Manicure                               45 minutes    $75
Maniucre/Pedicure                       2 hours         $185

Special Spa Packages

West Coast Retreat
A Seaweed or Herbal Soak, 75 minute Deep Tissue massagefollowed by an Aromatherapy Facial/Foot massage.
3 1/4 hours     $345

Bridal Retreat
Pamper the bride! 75 minute Swedish Massage, full body exfoliation with Pacific sea salt, shower with essential oils, a facial and finishes with a Signaure Pedicure.
4 1/4  hours       $445

Spa Retreat for Men

Indulge in a 1.5 hour sports massage, followed by a back facial, and a sports pedicure.
3 1/4 hours         $375

Spa Retreat for Women
1 1/4 hour Swedish Massage followed by a full body exfoliation with seat salt, an anti- aging facial and finished with a Signature Pedicure.
4 3/4 hours      $475

Herbal or Seaweed Retreat
Full body detoxification with a Herbal or Seaweed wrap, followed by a 90 minute Swedish Massage and a Signature Facial.

3 3/4 hours       $425

Sports Retreat
An Herbal soak followed by a 90 minute Deep Tissue Massage.

2 1/2 hours       $250

Expectant Mothers Retreat
Treatment begins with an Alpha Vital Facial followed by our Signature Pedicure.

3 hours            $285

Spa Path
A lovely revitalizing spa experience
with a neck and shoulder massage,
sea salt scrub and mud soak on feet,
finishing with a mini facial.
1 hour    $145.00

Just for You & Her
Escape together from everyday
responsibilities.  Enjoy a spa experience
overlooking the ocean.  Package begins
with a herbal or seaweed soak, followed
with by a 45 min. or 75 min. Relaxation
Swedish massage.

1 1/2 hours (45 min. massage)    $265.00 for both
2 hours (75 min. massage)           $380.00 for both

Body Rejuvenation
Swedish relaxation massage, full
body salt scrub, steam shower, aplication of body
balm and a mini facial.  A true head to toe
spa experience, your skin will feel sultry.

1 1./4 hours  $165.00

In the Dog House Package
Begin with a Swedish massage
followed by a full body scrub and a
Signature Facial and Pedicure.

4 1/2 hours     $475.00

Secret Heartgs Package
Aromatherapy Massage, Full-body Sea Salt Scrub & Mini- Facial.                                                 .
1.5 hours $395 for both
Girls Just Want to Have Fun!
Gather up your girlfriends, and have som fun spa time!  Enjoy an aromatherapy massage, body scrub and a facial.
2  hours     $275 pp

Suit & Tie Package
After a hectic day, lose the tie and unwind in a herbal mud soak overlooking the ocean, followed by a deep tissue massage.  Be refreshed and renewed from head to toe with this rejuvenating package.
1 3/4 hours       $225 pp

What a Lady Deserves! Spoil her with a relaxation massage, mini facial and spa pedicure.                                        2 3/4 hours        $375 pp

Coastal Romance Package
A Hot Stone Massage followed by Aromatherapy Facial.
2 1/2 hours  $650 for both

Over the Top
Herbal or seaweed soaks, 75 minute Sweidish massage followed by Signature Facial.
3  hours    $665 for both

Honeymoon Package
Swedish Massage side by side.
1.5 hours   $375 for both