Scuba Diving in Sooke ? Scuba Diving magazine rated British Columbia number 1 in North America Region

[No. 1] British Columbia, Canada
From north to south, B.C. boasts a diverse collection of kelp forests, marine mammals, fish life and spectacularly adorned reefs that thrive in the current-swept, nutrient-laden waters. We don’t have enough space to describe everything this Pacific province delivers, but for starters, divers can find soft corals, decorated warbonnets and candystriped shrimp on Browning Wall, strawberry anemones at Quadra Island, cloud sponges at Agamemnon Channel, rockfish and bull kelp at Hunt Rock, gooseneck barnacles at Nakwakto Rapids, sixgill sharks in Barkley Sound, sea anemones, sea stars, hydroids, giant barnacles and encrusting sponges at Sechelt Rocks and at Race Rocks, a group of rugged islets off Vancouver Island, hundreds of California and Steller sea lions in the fall and several hundred harbor seals year-round.

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