Right outside our door is a natural "seaweed garden" where vast variety of sea flora can be harvested for culinary use as well as for health and beauty use.

Enjoy a seaweed soak treatment on your next visit.

Enjoy a seaweed soak treatment on your next visit.

Sea-renity Spa Treatments at Sooke Harbour House
Indulge in Sooke Harbour House's sea, garden and stone inspired Sea-renity Spa Treatments. Seaweed's nutrients replenish the skin in wonderful ways. Bathing with a luxurious segment of dulce is one of the most natural and direct ways to absorb many minerals and nutrients into your skin as they are readily available in the fresh, off the beach seaweeds. Sea-rentiy's Spa seaweed treatments are based around our locally produced seaweed spa products.

Seaweed Tours If you feel like a little gentle pre-spa adventure, wander down to
the beach at low tide to munch, crunch, and create with Amanda Swinimer from Dakinitidalwilds.com. Her tour cost is $40.00 per person and there is a minimum participation of 2 person in order to run the tour so bring a friend or partner! She will teach you about the wonders of some of the many local varieties of seaweed which you can later have prepared for you in your evening meal.

Enjoy something extraordinary; a seaweed themed dinner.

Enjoy something extraordinary; a seaweed themed meal.

Seaweed Dinners by special arrangement only Price depends on request.

Sample Menu May 26, 2009
Created and executed by Chef Sam Benedetto and Sous-Chef Laird Gordon

A composed plate of seafood and seaweed with Quadra Island oysters, octopus, swimming pink scallops, Alaria with blueberries, Egregia, Prophyra crackers, Mable grey foam, fiddleheads, red mustard leaf, sweet cicely pods and flowers, spruce pearls, arugula flowers, pumpkin seeds
Grilled and served in a sea lettuce broth with green asparagus, morel mushrooms and tempura Indian celery
Roasted on seaweed and served in a carrot juice, lovage, Prophyra sauce with gooseneck barnacles, sauteed daylily buds
Served on morel infused honey with spruce tips and fried Dulse bread
With lavender shortbread, angelica ice cream, candied angelica stems
Bon Appetit!