Our Edible Landscape

At Sooke Harbour House, we have created an edible landscape on our grounds of over 200 edible herbs, greens, edible flowers and vegetables. We grow naturally, organically and seasonally. The plants we have in the garden all have an edible part. It may be a leaf, a flower, a root, a tuber, a stem, the fruit or the bulb. The garden is very attractive in all seasons, but more colourful in the Summer. Spring, Fall and Winter, all have their own charm and beauty.

The purpose of the garden is to grow interesting and delicious products to use in our kitchen. Our favourable climate allows us to do this year round. We do not separate the garden into herb, vegetable or flower section. Everything is planted where it will grow the best. That may mean the roses are interplanted with herbs and edible flowers or fuchsia and tuberous begonias thrive under similar conditions There are challenges to growing by the ocean, but the natural beauty makes it all worthwhile.

Usually a herb garden will contain edible plants with a culinary use, that will be harvested fresh everyday or dried for future use. They may also contain medicinal herbs or dye plants and that is their original use. Some plants will have both culinary and medicinal use, such as sage and lavender and may be both useful and beautiful.

A herb garden can be arranged in formal beds, like a knot garden or parterre or informally put into a mixed border with ornamental plants. The garden may contain annuals, biennials, and perennials with both shrubs and trees. Our garden contains all these elements and are generally used throught out the property and as part of the landscape. Our garden design focuses on producing healthy, fresh and delicious food, which is both beautiful and functional.