Ocean Front Dining

Ocean Front Dining

We serve Local, Organic, Seasonal, and Wild food!

Our focus is always fresh, natural, and very local. Ingredients include: meats, such as organic rabbit , venison, bison, pork, locally raised poultry, including organically raised chickens and local duck… seafoods such as Pacific salmon, rockfish, and halibut; shellfish, including oysters, crab, and scallops. You may never have tasted seafoods this fresh – generally served the very day they are caught by local fishers.

A few notes about our restaurant:

Our Chef de Cuisine: Robin Jackson
Master Pastry Chef: Matthias Conradi

  • We have extensive vegetarian and vegan options upon request.
  • Our chefs will be able to accommodate your dietary restrictions should you have any, just let us know.
  • Though our food standards are very high and we offer one of Canada's best wine selections as well, we consider our dining experience to be casual and comfortable. There is no dress code.
  • We offer multi-course set menus as well as a la carte selections.
    3 course menu - $59.00 per person
    4 course menu - $75.00 per person
    7 course Gastronomical Adventure - $120.00 per person 
  • Our menu changes daily and is announced at approximately 4:30pm that day.
  • We offer complete wine pairings for each menu as well as by the glass selection of wines that pair well with the menu items.
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