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Catering and Cuisine

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Catering and Cuisine

Our gardens are filled with hundreds of edible plants, are essential to our kitchen, ensuring fresh, flavourful ingredients for the delectable dishes served in our restaurant. As well the serene beauty of the gardens enhances the view from the guest rooms and is the perfect setting for the Gallery’s outdoor art pieces.

The food, which nourishes us and is an essential element of life, is creatively prepared by our chefs, and artfully served. Art is everywhere throughout Sooke Harbour House, in the gardens, on the plate and adorning the walls.

Frederique Philip
Co-owner, Creative Director
Sooke Harbour House

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Sample Menu


Sooke Harbour House wild & cultivated organic greens and blossoms from our gardens tossed in a sherry, maple & sage vinaigrette

Fennel, Belgian Endive and Wild Herb Salad with candied hazelnuts and a cumin, apple & celery vinaigrette

Organic Spinach & Arugula Salad with blossoms, toasted pumpkinseeds, Dijon mustard vinaigrette


Carrot and Lemongrass - with a spiced onion and cilantro pakora, cumin sour cream

Wild Mushroom - with a goat cheese and rosemary brioche crouton,  herb oil

Roasted Squash and Apple - with smoked salmon, Nootka Rose honey crème fraiche

Metchosin Lamb and Scallion Broth -  with wild rice, spiced savoy cabbage, local camembert style cheese

Dungeness Crab Broth -  with local seaweed, spot shrimp & fish dumpling, Grand Fir oil, fennel fronds


Seared Smoked Salmon -  with French lentil & chick pea salad, beets, grilled red onions, goat cheese, lemon thyme & burnt honey emulsion

Grilled Albacore Tuna - with seaweed & buckwheat noodle salad, toasted hazelnut & tamari vinaigrette, pea shoots, pickled cucumber relish

Smoked Onion and Raclette Tartlet - with preserved tomato and marjoram jam, sweet herb & Venturi-Schulze balsamic vinaigrette

Confit of Cowichan Bay Chicken Leg - with apricot, parsley & port filling, sourdough toasts, pickled plum, blue cheese, wild herbs, candied walnuts

Grilled Scallops - with house cured chorizo sausage, wilted kale, roasted garlic & maple cream, crispy polenta, sundried tomato & sherry vinaigrette

Main Course

Grilled Albacore Tuna Loin - with toasted sunflower seed, lemon verbena & Harissa couscous, tomato & toasted walnut sauce, grilled red onions & sweet peppers,  oregano crème fraiche

Roasted Pork Tenderloin -  with baby bok choy, mild chili & cucumber vinaigrette, potato & ginger samosa, bacon & green onion salsa

Fennel Steamed Sablefish – with quinoa & arugula salad, julienne vegetable sauté, carrot and smoked sablefish cream , oyster mushrooms in a sweet soy & balsamic butter sauce

Pan Fried Salmon - with potato, bacon & clam hash, shrimp & fennel cream, bok choy, herb oil

Herb Roasted Chicken Breast -  with ham, kale & red onion sauté, herb & potato rosti, red wine & sage jus, toasted hazelnuts

Roasted Lamb Loin -  with rosemary mustard spaetzle, spiced apricots, braised red cabbage, carrots, smoked apple sauce, thyme meat stock reduction

Sample Menu


Seaweed & Soba noodle salad with cilantro & tamari vinaigrette

Sooke Harbour House edible greens & blossoms with grainy mustard, rosemary vinaigrette

Beet, walnut & feta cheese salad with lemon thyme dressing

Tomato salad with marinated grilled red onion & asparagus with a basil, hazelnut dressing

Marinated Belgian endive and fennel salad with bacon and a sherry vinaigrett


Seasonal vegetables in herb butter

Oyster mushroom, snap pea sauté with a red onion, mild chili garlic & mint

Cauliflower & roasted onion gratin with blue cheese cream & chives


Carrot raclette cheese perogies in a sour cream sage sauc

Herb roasted nugget potatoes with caramelized onions, wild mushrooms and roasted garlic butter

Potato and mixed vegetable cannelloni with tomato lemon verbena sauce


Braised chicken legs in a preserved tomato rosemary sauce

Honey glazed chicken breast with a basil meat stock reduction

Herb baked salmon with Miso & grainy mustard cream

Grilled halibut with a carrot juice & calendula emulsion

Roasted pork loin with dried apricot, red onion chutney and spiced jus

Red wine and garlic marinated lamb leg with lemon thyme jus and hazelnut gremoulata

Wild rice barley Shitake mushroom crepe bundle with a sweet onion mixed herb cream

Bulghar wheat, sundried tomato & Crimini mushroom cabbage rolls with a carrot tomato lemon verbena sauce

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