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King Boletus and Blue Chanterelles

Blue Chanterelle, Polyozellus multiplex
Michel Jansen-Reynaud, former Sooke Harbour House waiter and active mushroom forager, found this very rare mushroom north of Sooke.  Although this is a good edible mushroom, it should be picked with restraint.

I found this text book cep or porcini, Boletus edulis, on September 9th.

Michel Jansen-Reynaud is delivering the King Bolete or porcini

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Avatar Grove, Sept 17, 2010

Here are a few images of Phaeocollybia that our group found during a SVIMS outing led by Oluna and Adolf Ceska on Friday, September 17th. It was an amazing day in a beautiful, old growth forest that is slated for logging. You will see that Oluna’s specimens are impeccable. She took a great deal of time extracting

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Edible Spring Mushrooms From the Sooke Area

A few edible spring mushrooms that are up now in and around Sooke:
Clitocybe deceptiva, Anise Mushroom found on April 3, 2010 at the Sooke Potholes
Clitocybe deceptive found with SVIMS at Royal Roads on February 6,2010.
Spring Oyster Mushrooms found by the Sooke River in May, 2009.
Jonah photographs Oyster Mushrooms near Sooke River in May, 2009.

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Wild MUSHROOMS – Delicious or Deadly?

Increase your comfort level eating wild mushrooms by knowing what not to eat.
During this introductory workshop, Ingeborg Woodsworth will highlight varieties of toxic mushrooms, their effects on humans, and their
treatment needs.   Through slides, field guides and live specimens
(where possible) -  you will learn to identify dangerous mushrooms and review what to do if someone has

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