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Slow Food Mushroom Event, Sunday Oct 23rd

Join Sinclair Philip and his knowledgable friends in an educational and fun wild mushroom foray focusing on local, wild, edible mushrooms. This foray is for the beginner mushroom hunter. You will learn about several edible mushrooms and visit our beautiful forests. Upon return to Sooke Harbour House that afternoon, Sinclair Philip will show a Power

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The Prince, Agaricus augustus

George Butcher found the Prince mushroom, Agaricus augustus in his yard this weekend and shared some with me. They were at the button stage. This is one of the very best edible mushrooms there is.  This mushroom is meaty, on the sweetish side and is almondy at this stage in development.  This is one of

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Boletus Smithii

I found about 6 of these mushrooms last week and Oluna Ceska was kind enough to identify them for me. They were growing in a mixed conifer, west facing, sloping forest which was made up largely of western hemlock near the beaches north of Jordan River. There was a lot of rotting wood on the

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Armillaria ostoyae and Winter Chanterelles

Today, Friday , October 1st,  I went out and found quite a few mushrooms in the Sooke area including these, Armillaria ostoyae. These are a type of Honey mushroom and they are best when young and should be well cooked to bring out the flavour. There are occasional reports of allergic reactions to these mushrooms and

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Boletus coniferarum

I found this Boletus coniferarum, Conifer Boletus, on Tuesday, September 28th. It is an edible bolete but it’s flavour is bitter and it is definitely considered to be inferior to  many other  boletes.

I found this mushroom in a predominantly western hemlock forest by the ocean near Sooke. We found four types of boletus including lots of King

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