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Art & Gifts

Frank Armich “Tree” Red Cedar $2,700.00 Randy Kerr “Oneness” Original Carving—Yellow Cedar $800.00 Judi Wild Medium Watercolour “Momentum of the Past” Available in gift shop Dinah Giffin “Whale Portrait” Original Acrylic on Board $900.00 Dinah Giffin “Orca” Original Acrylics on Board $900.00 Limited Edition Reproduction “The Garden at Sooke Harbour House” Christine Reimer Available in gift shop Limited Edition Reproduction “View from Sooke Harbour House” Bladerunner 24x48 inches Acrylic and resin on canvas & cradled panel Ira Hoffecker $2,800.00 Chin Yuen “Blue with Orange Pits” Original Encaustic $325.00 Marilyn Peeters “I’ve Got Butterflies” Original Acrylic on Canvas $700.00 Kimiko Ziolowskio “Tumbo Channel—Afternoon Glow” Original Organic Mineral Pigments $1,500.00 Sandy Terry “Acidanthera” Original Acrylic on Canvas $2,000.00 Marilyn Cooney “The Center” Dye on Silk $650.00 Soleil Mannion “Hector” Original Oil on Canvas $795.00 Isa Sevrain “Blue Sea Bloom” Mosaic $1,500.00 Isa Sevrain “Love @ First Sight” Mosaic $1,800.00 Isa Sevrain “Sleepy Gipsy” Original Mosaic $1,800.00 Kimiko Ziolowski “Path of the Koi” Original Organic Mineral Pigments $1,500.00 Kim McVicar “In the Garden” Original Acrylics, Collage on Canvas $415.00 Kimiko Ziolowski “Golden Koi” Original Organic Mineral Pigments $1,300.00 Soleil Mannion “Year of the Fire Horse” Original Oil on Canvas $1,700.00 Gary Nylander “Pacific Rim National Park” Silver Gelatin Photography 16x20 $525.00 Malcolm Barker “Northern Exposure” Original Mixed Media $925.00 Frank Armich “Wind Swept Tree” Old Growth Red Cedar $1,800.00 Norene Schmuck “Salmon” Original Mosaic $795.00 Frank Armich “Mirror” Red Cedar Burl $1,800.00 Linny D. Vine “Summer Evening on Kaatza” Original Oil on Wood Panel $700.00 Dawn Joy Ritchie “Gnarly” Original Acrylic on Canvas $200.00
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