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Visit our gallery to see the work of hundreds of Vancouver Island artists

Visit our gallery to see the work of hundreds of Vancouver Island artists

Our gallery co-ordinator perfectly places the art throughout the hallways, which is one of the most wonderful aspects when visiting Sooke Harbour House, home to the art of more than 150 local artists and crafts people.

We invite local artists to showcase art.  Interested artists you can find more information by clicking on this link!

Our unique art gallery 'lives' throughout our resort and gardens. Pathways along the beach as well as incredible works in the hallways and entrances highlight the talent and discipline of a multitude of media. Our artists' works are highlighted in every suite and change as works are circulated and sold.

This region has fostered an incredible number of talented artists, and we exhibit exclusively the work of artists from Sooke, Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, Victoria, and the Lower Mainland. We carefully select work that reflects the ocean, surrounding rainforest, gardens and food, and that tie into the Sooke Harbour House philosophy of local, eclectic and sustainable.







Sooke Harbour House Gallery is open daily from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.This is an invitation to all who appreciate art - everyone is welcome to walk through and ask questions with our staff.

A word from a past guest:

 We traveled to galleries all over British Columbia looking for art for our new home, and yours was the most interesting, with the most diverse selection of art.” – Guest from Calgary, Alberta

Sooke Harbour House

Art Gallery Features - "Nancyanne Cowell"

Sooke Harbour House Art Gallery
solo exhibit Jan 6 - March 31, 2015

 2012Tango Trance

Nancyanne Cowell, 

"[...vibrates with energy] Inspiring audiences, world leaders and writers, Nancyanne Cowell
is an influential artist of our time. Her stunning and sensuously vibrant 'ecoscapes' profoundly
capture the cyclical nature of our existence.  Speaks to the fragility of the world as we know it."
Stephanie Webb, BA, BFA, MA, Contemporary Art Critic & Writer
 "[...fills me with wonder — her ability to combine the natural
and the human world is 'powerfully unique'.]"
  Dr. Ann Dale

Sooke Harbour House Gallery & Gift Shop is open daily from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.
Everyone is welcome to view the art.

Sooke Harbour House is  at 1528 Whiffen Spit Road, Sooke, BC,  250 642 3421


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