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Our Rooms Have Been Designed for Year-Round Comfort and Charm

Each room features unique decor with special decorative touches by co-owner Frederique Philip.

Original local artwork, numerous antiques, and engaging literature enhance each room’s unique theme. Come explore our gardens, wander hallways filled with art, and dine in our world renowned dining room. 

In any season, Sooke Harbour House offers you a cozy and spirit-renewing refuge. Escape the noise of the world, reconnect with nature and find the balance you crave.

Come sip a glass of wine and gaze into the flames of your wood-burning fireplace and listen to the waves just outside your door. Enjoy the beautiful backdrop of the Olympic Mountains from the privacy of your balcony.

Engage the active beachfront entertainment: sunbathing seals and sea lions, frolicking otters, and visiting whales are all our frequent guests.

Fall asleep to the lull of the ocean’s waves and the slow crackle of your fireplace embers. 

All our rooms have everything you need for a night on the West Coast

Private balcony
Collection of antiques & original art
Jetted or soaker tub
Bath robes
Bottle of Port
Stone fireplace, well-stocked with wood and kindling
Free Wi-Fi

You can also enjoy at your leisure our two infrared saunas located in the common areas of the resort


 Explore Each of Our 28 Unique Wildly West Coast Rooms Below 

Artist Study 1 Accommodation

Room 1 - The Artist Study

Late in the seasons you can enjoy picking your own kiwi from your balconies that overlook the Harbour and the strait. One of our largest, split level, guest rooms.

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blue heron 3 Accommodation

Room 2 - The Blue Heron

A large jetted tub for two in front of the unique beach stone fireplace, wet bar, vaulted ceiling, king size bed. 

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seasong2 Accommodation

Room 3 - The Sea Song Room

A large hand crafted “goddess of the sea “silk batik filters the morning sunshine in this split level room, accented by vaulted ceilings and skylights.

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grandifolia4 Accommodation

Room 4 - The Grandifolia Room

Very large room with a vaulted ceiling, bath tub for two in front of a beach stone wood burning fireplace, king-size canopy bed, and Canadian antique pine furnishings.

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garden8 Accommodation

Room 5 - The Kitchen Garden

From your balcony you can watch the chefs collecting and picking the herbs and flowers for the dinner's menu.

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Sofa3Rm6 Accommodation

Room 6 - The Herb Garden Room

Close to our fragrant herb and edible flower garden, this large split-level with handcrafted antique European king sized bed is an enchanting retreat.  

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mermaid13 300x171 Accommodation

Room 7 - The Mermaid Room

In honour of the mystical sea spirit this room features Mermaid collectibles and a fascinating array of original "Mermaid" artwork.  

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beach81 300x171 Accommodation

Room 8 - Beach Room

The Beach room is a cozy sunlit room with a beach stone fireplace and a private garden which opens to the beach in front of the hotel.  

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underwater10 300x171 Accommodation

Room 9 - Underwater Orchard

Capturing the mysteries of the sea. This cozy room features a queen size bed and outdoor jetted tub.

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blossom9 300x171 Accommodation

Room 10 - The Edible Blossom Room

The natural beauty of the garden is recreated in this cozy, split-level retreat. Watercolors, oils and creative artwork feature the edible flowering blossoms of the West Coast. 

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forager9 300x171 Accommodation

Room 11 - The Foragers Room

Forest greens and smooth cedar accent this intimate corner room with large bay windows opening onto a secluded garden patio.  

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ichologist11 300x171 Accommodation

Room 12 - The Ichthyologist's Study

Every glance brings with it a new discovery in this large ocean view room.

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sea gull2 300x171 Accommodation

Room 13 - The Seagull Room

One of our brightest rooms, dominated by French doors, large floor to ceiling windows and a captivating ocean view that allows our guests to glimpse the freedom of the seagull's flight.  

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kingfisher12 Accommodation

Room 14 - The Victor Newman Longhouse

Among the treasures to be found in this room are original museum quality West Coast, drawings, paintings and Indian masks including a hand carved six-foot tall killer whale mask.  

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victor2 Accommodation

Room 15 - The Kingfisher Room

Within the comfort of this spacious corner guestroom guests can enjoy ocean and garden views accented by stained glass windows, hand carved decoys, and a handcrafted batik that celebrate the majestic Kingfisher.

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phyco5 Accommodation

Room 16 - The Harbour Seal (Pinnepede) Room

Enjoy breakfast on the terrace as inquisitive Harbour Seals watch you from the shallows. This split-level room features a one of a kind hand carved yellow cedar seal by renowned artist Craig Benson. 

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seal2 Accommodation

Room 17 - The Phycologist's Study

Locally crafted Kelp baskets and fascinating works of art highlight the ocean's array of seaweed that often collects along the beach outside your guestroom.  

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driftwood51 2556x1700 Accommodation

Room 18 - The Driftwood Room

Hand crafted driftwood furniture compliments the comfortable and unique design of this beach level room. Spacious split-level room with a private jetted outdoor tub for two on the patio just steps from the tidal beach.

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DSC 27441 2556x1700 Accommodation

Room 19 - The Passion Flower Room

The beautiful vines and blossoms of the Passion Flower will soon frame the private patio of this large split-level guestroom. Exceptional view of the Strait of Juan de Fuca to the Olympic Mountains.

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fisherman14 2556x1700 Accommodation

Room 20 - The Fisherman's Room

Split level bedroom, handcrafted pine and fir furniture, large fireplace on the lower level.

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hummingbird5 2556x1700 Accommodation

Room 21 - The Hummingbird Room

From the privacy of your own outdoor soaker tub for two on the balcony, watch the delicate humming birds moving daintily from blossom to blossom in our beautiful edible flower garden.

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emily21 2556x1700 Accommodation

Room 22 - Emily Carr Room

Artist Emily Carr captured the images of Whiffen Spit and the West Coast that are a prominent feature of this large single level room. 

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whale21 2556x1700 Accommodation

Room 23 - The Whale Room

Eagles, Seagulls, Herons, and a variety of ocean birds delight the watcher in this spacious split-level suite. King-sized bed.

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sea lion61 2556x1700 Accommodation

Room 24 - The Sea Lion Room

Cozy split-level room, king-sized bed, private outdoor soaker tub for two on the balcony.

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thunderbird2 2556x1700 Accommodation

Room 25 - The Thunderbird Room

A celebration of the history and legends of First Nations People, this large, bright split-level suite houses a unique.

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birdwatcher11 2556x1700 Accommodation

Room 26 - Bird Watcher's Room

The legend of the Raven as it is seen through the eyes of First Nations artist's, is brought to life in the remarkable art work found through-out this large guest room.

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rave12 2556x1700 Accommodation

Room 27 - The Raven's Nest

An elegant retreat, this room is the largest of our split-level rooms. King size bed, hideaway bed, and sleeping loft.

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DSC 29461 2556x1700 Accommodation

Room 28 - Chef's Study

Dedicated to culinary masters, whimsical lighting fixtures, kitchen memorabilia and cookbooks.

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