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Ethics… a big word, I totally agree with Peter Drucker….

The Only Ethics Guide You’ll Ever Need

Ethics have been an issue in business lately – here’s some help – from the Author:
“Peter Drucker, the late management guru, said:“As to ‘ethical problems’ in business, I have made myself tremendously unpopular by saying, again and again, that there is no such thing as ‘business ethics.’There is only ethics.”
You can solve most ethical dilemmas by running down this checklist, which I’ve used successfully for 30 years at my company.

It’s pretty simple: If the action in question fails any one of these tests, just don’t do it.

” at Sooke Harbour House, we have run our family business with ethics not what people call business ethics. Our way of dealing with everything related to our business was to follow our philosophy of sustainability, fairness, honesty for our family that encompasses our larger family of all the members of the Sooke Harbour House but also the greater family that is our sooke community. It is not always easy, it is hard work but it is the only way and it is so rewarding. As Peter Drucker writes ” there is only ethics”. Frederique Philip, co-owner

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