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Jan Henry

Frangipani Jan Henry

I am a Victoria, BC resident who returned to Canada in 2004 after living inSaudi Arabiafor 10 years.

I experimented with painting and papermaking while living inSaudi Arabia, but it was on my return to Canada in 2004 that my formal art education began.  

After several years of study, in May 2008 I received a Certificate of Visual Art from the Vancouver Island School of Art.

Survivor Series 2 Jan Henry



I began my formal art education several years ago after experimenting with painting and papermaking for a number of years. Two color theory courses, which were an early part of this formal education, lead to a fascination with color relationships. I am intrigued with the manipulation of color relationships, and the interplay of colors within a given work.  


When looking for a motif with which to explore color, I frequently choose stripes or grids. There is often a grid or a pattern of stripes underlying my work, although these geometric patterns may not be visible in the finished work. Manipulation of these geometric shapes, while exploring color relationships, provides an ongoing source of inspiration for me.

Privilege of Colour 8 Jan Henry


A number of artists have been very influential, in particular Mark Rothko and Sean Scully. Sean Scully admonishes artists “to obsess” in order to fully explore the possibilities of painting, and this notion appeals to me very much.



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