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New Year, New You – The Gift of Relaxation. Book a Room at Sooke Harbour House this January!

We give you time to finish writing your book, editing your thesis, starting a health detox, reserve one of our rooms  in January! While our restaurant is closed we are offering you time away from everything, time to concentrate on writing that last chapter of your book, create your project with nobody to bother you – you can spread your work in our large Potlatch room – start a health detox …… we offer luxurious guest rooms with deep soaking tubs, wood burning fireplace, steam showers, complimentary use of our far infra saunas, spa services to enhance your relaxation and detox. Our restaurant is close but the room will have your wet bar stocked for a healthy breakfast with juice, yoghurt, granola, hard boiled eggs, herbal and green teas and four bottles of purified water!!! A healthy start to 2012. Our small hotel is surrounded by hiking trails, we have close by a great yoga center, swimming pool and all the fresh and clean air your body needs. It will be very quiet, only the sound of the surf and the birds.

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