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Yearly Archives: 2012

Travel + Leisure 500 Best Hotels in the World

travel-and-leisure-worlds-best-image-298x300We are very proud to announce that we are again among the 500 Best Hotels in the world for 2013!

Congratulations to every one of the other hotels in Canada especially in British Columbia, it is an honour for us to be among such fantastic properties.

Congratulations to all of you dear members of our great staff, suppliers, foragers, and especially every one of you our great supporters you our guests!

We wish you the most healthy and prosperous year 2013,

From all of us at Sooke Harbour House

Glen Henderson

Salmon-300x200Glen Henderson is a Port Alberni wildlife wood carver and stone sculptor.  Born in 1961 and raised in Flin Flon, Manitoba, he learned to appreciate nature while growing up surrounded by the beauty of the Precambrian Shield.  His father is credited with teaching him patience and taking great pride in workmanship.  These two traits are apparent when studying one of Glen’s carvings or sculptures.

Glen’s pieces reflect his love of wildlife; creating three dimensional, free form pieces designed to capture the animals at a specific moment in time.  Attention to detail is evident in his work.  His inspiration comes from nature itself, whether it’s a crab on the beach or a trout in a stream.


Exotic hardwoods from around the world, in addition to some local species, are transformed into creatures showcasing natural wood grains and colours.  Stone sculptures are created from soapstone, alabaster, and other interesting rock such as locally sourced granite and talc.





Sandy Terry

Awakening-BlazeSM-225x300Sandy Terry is an award – winning West Coast artist, Sandy Terry, draws inspiration form the abundant natural beauty of British Columbia. She is drawn to capture the simple elegance in the curve of a leaf, subtle shifts in color and the radiance of light as it interacts with form, all in a moment in time.

Dramatically representational, with loosely flowing brushwork and richly layered pigment to achieve greater depth, her vibrant renderings embody the essence of splendor and grace in Nature’s timeless canvas.

Her work is in private collections in Canada and the United States.




Travel+Leisure World’s Best Awards – Sooke Harbour House second Best Hotel in Canada

travel-and-leisure-worlds-best-image-298x300Sooke Harbour House is Rated # 2 Best Resort in Canada by Travel + Leisure

It is always with excitement we wait to read the Readers Poll results in Travel + Leisure Magazine! Wow placing second in Canada after the Famous Wickinnannish Inn is fantastic and this award all goes to our incredible and talented staff. I never say it enough but without them it would be impossible!

Thank you also to you our great guests, you have supported us, given us  your constructive comments, ideas and kind support for the last 33 years in good times and in difficult times, thank you.

Very sincerely,

Frederique, Sinclair and everyone of us at Sooke Harbour House

Wildly West Coast with a shining sun …….

Famous Food Critic Joanne Kates on the CBC and Sooke Harbour House!

I remember the first time we read the article Joanne Kates wrote about our restaurant mentioning it was ” the best restaurant in Canada”. This was quite a few years back, so imagine our surprise when we started receiving phone calls yesterday from guests, friends saying that Joanne Kates mentioned our restaurant as one of the restaurant she would like to eat again being one of the best with Michael Stadtlander farm restaurant in Ontario. What an honour to hear such praises from such a recognized  food critic, this time  not believing it the same way we felt  the first time because we didn’t know that Joanne Kates had been in our restaurant !  Thank you Mrs Kates, it warms our hearts. Your praises belongs to all of our chefs, sous chefs and cooks that we have had the pleasure to work with in the past thirty three years. We  will continue to do our best to provide pleasure and excite taste buds and all the senses of our dear patrons.


Frederique Philip

1,000 Places to See Before You Die By Patricia Schultz

1,000 Places to See Before You Die By Patricia Schultz

Sooke Harbour House, British Columbia,  on page  920

Generally the fragility of our life is something we are aware of but don’t talk about,” Schultz continues. “The title was meant to be forceful. With travel, people wait until they retire or until the kids leave. And by then, it’s too late. You wake up and you are 90. There is only one thing we are assured of in life, it’s that you will die. This encourages you to squeeze in as much travel as you can before you kick the proverbial bucket.”

Schultz decided to only include entries in the book for places she had been, which meant years of travel and research

Schultz says she hopes that her work can shift American attitudes towards travel. With the economy still weak and workers concerned about their job security, taking vacation time can feel risky or excessive. But, Schultz says, we only have one life, and it is worth using it to see the world.

“If you really want it to happen, you make it happen. You don’t need a new flat screen every two years. You don’t need new car every ten years. People lock themselves into routines, and what they end up seeing of the world is so small and limited.  I think its about priorities. I can’t tell you how many times I rented out my apartment, sometimes for two weeks or a month at a time. I did not have a sofa for years, because I was never home to sit on it. My priority was to buy an air ticket to get me almost anywhere. If you do your homework, there’s no reason you can’t find a cheap hotel and make inexpensive trips happen.”

Read more: http://entertainment.time.com/2011/12/13/1000-places-to-see-before-you-die-traveling-to-stay-alive/#ixzz1p8vN1DRS



Marilyn Stubbs Cooney AFCA

Before moving to British Columbia, Cooney resided in Ontario, where her first experiences were as an art and music teacher. Cooney’s skills were applied as a graphic artist employed in the greeting and decorating industry. Shealso freelanced as a graphic artist for a company in Quebec and a company in Belgium where her work is available in Europe, Asia and North America. Cooney later opened a successful studio/gallery which was ongoing until her move west. As an artist, Cooney incorporates her graphic skill to produce meticulously explicit watercolours showing the viewer a microscopic intimacy with natural form.

“Holding On” dye on silk on canvas $780.00






Maureen Walker AFCA

I am excited by exploring beyond the established boundaries of traditional silk painting techniques and researching the possiblities of this challenging medium.  My innovative use of silk and dye on canvas is leading me to experiment with multi-layered paintings whose subtle interaction of colours, harmony of volumes, planes and lines generates work which are abstract statements existing on their own terms, but outside the confines of prescribed limites.

“Head 2 Head x 20” dye on silk on canvas $2,150.00


“The Egg, The Nest And The Bird With Lemons” dye on silk on canvas $674.00


Maureen Walker is a signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, a former president of the Arrowsmith Chapter FCA, a member of the Nanaimo Chapter FCA and of the International Society of Experimental Artists.


“Rose Continuum VIII” dye on silk $2,510.00

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