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Norene Schmuck

Flowers Norene Schmuck

A Collector by nature, the discovery of the Pique Assiette style of mosaics was a perfect fit for my creative expression. (Pique Assiette loosely translates as “to steal from plates”)

Accumulating stacks of old dishes to use as a palette comes easily for me.  Hunting for materials, scouring the Thrift stores for that perfect cup, plate or dish to be broken and re-purposed, flowers become eyes for fish or leaves turn into scales or fins.

Exclusivly using broken crockery, hours can be spent in one area,to find just the right blend of texture, shape and colour.

Blue hat Norene Schmuck
Often other’s cast-offs and broken china end up on my door step-the timing of these offerings add significance to a particular piece.

The versatility of this medium is adaptable to most surfaces- my first large scale project was a Kitchen backsplash done entirely in beer stiens. Other works include a variety of themes from the “Fishes from Dishes” series to marine wall murals, florals and portraits are part of my on going exploration.

Fishes from Dishes Norene Schmuck

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