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Is whimsical a word of the past? is our world spinning too fast?

Can we still be surprised, enchanted, made happier by very simple and inexpensive things or actions especially around Christmas?

It happen to me twice: the first time on a walk along Whiffen Spit when I came upon a tree .. all decorated for Christmas with the most unusual, recycled and homemade decorations! What a wonderful unexpected surprise. The second time while I was in Sooke among the frenzy of Christmas shoppers, observing the fast pace of people rushing around and noticing smiles and people cheering because of a wonderful green giant of an elf with a large bouquet of flowers in his arms, waving at the car passing by….I smile too and felt happier and joyful.  I have now, days after Christmas has passed, received a wonderful poem from a person that had a similar reaction to mine.. here is this poem:

T’was the week before Christmas, and driving through town

the roadwork and detours were bringing me down.

Big box store”progress”, where tall trees once stood

Had me missing the charms of my old neighbourhood.

When what, on Sooke Road, to my eyes should appear

but a giant green elf with his message of cheer!

undaunted by cold, in the spirit of play,

“Best of the season”, his grin seemed to say.

His eyes how they twinkled, as he waved and he hopped,

inviting us in to his wife’s flower shop

My heart, how it surged, as I drove out of sight,

with goodwill like this, Sooke, we’ll all be alright.

A toast for 2011:

May we all support family, community, and local business!

from Mary Livingstone, January 2011

Simple things, random act of kindness, a smile, is all we need to say to each others ‘we are here to support, help, care and smile together’.

Wishing you all a very successful, stress free New Year 2011.

Frederique , Sinclair Philip and everyone in our team at Sooke Harbour House,

Looking forward to welcoming you to our little white inn by the sea when we reopen on January 28th.

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