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The Prince, Agaricus augustus

George Butcher found the Prince mushroom, Agaricus augustus in his yard this weekend and shared some with me. They were at the button stage. This is one of the very best edible mushrooms there is.  This mushroom is meaty, on the sweetish side and is almondy at this stage in development.  This is one of the easier agaricus to identify because of its big permanent ring, large size, shaggy stem and almond scent. It usually grows in the open and, in this case, grew near flowerbeds on George’s lawn.

The best time to harvest this mushroom is when the partial veil breaks and the flavour is at its best. The sweetness declines as the mushroom matures. This mushroom goes well with many different preparations but its powerful flavour will overcome some dishes.

13 The Prince, Agaricus augustus

23 The Prince, Agaricus augustusPhotograph by George Butcher

31 300x225 The Prince, Agaricus augustus

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