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Feast of Fields, our 13 year with Feast of Fields

FredMichael Feast of Fields, our 13 year with Feast of Fields

Michael Stadtlander and Frederique philip

frederiqueJulio Feast of Fields, our 13 year with Feast of Fields

Frederique Philip and Julian Obererlacher

13 years of Feast of Fields: What we served over the years, a celebration of land and ocean, of farmers, gardeners, foragers and of our very talented chefs, cooks and apprentices.

1998 Qualicum Bay weathervane scallop with Venturi Schulze Balsamic vinegar and herbs of Vancouver Island Indigenous people

1999 Stuffed Cedar Glen Farm Suckling Kid roast with salal berry jelly

2000 Grilled octopus on flat bread with Gentian sage flower vinaigrette

2001 Seaweed salad in a cracker cone

2002 Chilled soufflé Sooke Dungeness crab with Feather boa seaweed jelly

2003 Sea lettuce walnut toffee sponge with Dreamscape Farm apple and lemon verbena compote

2004 Sablefish cured with Engeler Farm ver jus on a seaweed cracker with Dreamscape Farm spicy relish

2005 Garden herb jelly balls with smoked sablefish in seaweed cracker cup

2006 Tuberous Begonia cured wild Pink salmon with Red Fyfe Wheat crouton and sea lettuce emulsion

2007 Geoduck clam and herring roe on kelp salad, on a Grand Fir cracker with Oxalis

2008 Pickled halibut wrapped in dried spicy tomato with a Grand Fir emulsion and herbs from our organic kitchen garden

2009 Wildflower honey, dried morel mushrooms, Indian celery cone filled with wild foraged mushroom salad, smoked goat milk crème fraiche and oxalis greens

2010 “ The tide is in, the table is set” A salad of Clams, mussels, giant octopus, pickled chanterelles, aleria, prophyra, sea lettuce, salicornia ,Sooke Harbour Farm peppers and red onions marinated in a Grand fir vinaigrette on a small sour dough crouton with a gooseneck barnacle garnish.

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