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Avatar Grove, Sept 17, 2010

Here are a few images of Phaeocollybia that our group found during a SVIMS outing led by Oluna and Adolf Ceska on Friday, September 17th. It was an amazing day in a beautiful, old growth forest that is slated for logging. You will see that Oluna’s specimens are impeccable. She took a great deal of time extracting them. I fractured the tap root on a few of my own but feel a little better after looking at the photographs in Mushrooms Demystified, page 415, since the images there show damage to the deepest segment of the tap root. Arora describes it as being fragile. These mushrooms are apparently quite rare although more common to our region.
If Oluna and Adolf decide to lead another outing to the Grove, just north of Port Renfrew, I would be excited to go back again.
Sinclair Philip
1 Avatar Grove, Sept 17, 2010Avatar Grove, Sept 17, 2010
2 Avatar Grove, Sept 17, 2010
Phaeocollybia ammiratii – Edibility unknown
3 Avatar Grove, Sept 17, 2010
Phaeocollybia ammiratii – Edibility unknown
4 Avatar Grove, Sept 17, 2010
 Phaeocollybia kauffmanii – Edibility unknown
5 Avatar Grove, Sept 17, 2010Phaeocollybia kauffmanii- Edibility unknown


7 Avatar Grove, Sept 17, 2010 Laccaria amethysteo-occidentalis- Edible but tough and perhaps intermediate culinary qualities.

11 Avatar Grove, Sept 17, 2010 Oluna Ceska, expert mycologist, finds rare Phaeocollybia kauffmanii in old growth Avatar Grove on September 17,2010.

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