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Lucy Schappy


Dreaming of provence 300x247 Lucy Schappy

"Dreaming of Provence" $1,450.00 CAD Oil on Canvas

 Lucy moved to the Comox Valley in 1990 after graduating from university in Edmonton.  She immediately fell in love with the beauty of the natural surroundings as well as the vibrant arts community.  A lifelong love of drawing, painting and looking at art came to fruition ten years ago when she began painting in oils.  This new medium offered the luscious, strong colours and layering ability that would enable her to develop her personl voice. 

Working from her imagination, Lucy delights in creating works that evoke a sense of  joy through colour, shape, and line.  She is immensley grateful for the opportunities she has had to pursue her passion.

resize Lucy Schappy

"Swim" $925.00 CAD Oil on Canvas

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