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Wild MUSHROOMS – Delicious or Deadly?

Increase your comfort level eating wild mushrooms by knowing what not to eat.

During this introductory workshop, Ingeborg Woodsworth will highlight varieties of toxic mushrooms, their effects on humans, and their
treatment needs.   Through slides, field guides and live specimens
(where possible) -  you will learn to identify dangerous mushrooms and review what to do if someone has eaten a toxic one.

May 15th, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
at Mayo Creek Gardens, near Lake Cowichan, BC

Cost per person $45, includes hand-outs.  Advance payment required to hold a spot.  Registration limited to 12 participants.
To register email  or phone 250-722-2292

“I got a frantic call last week from my neighbour.  Her toddler had eaten a small white mushroom from the mossy forest floor and she was terrified.  Ingeborg calmly helped us identify the mushroom (Lichen
Agaric) and, to our relief, determine it was not toxic.  I am excited to learn more from Ingeborg.”  Jessica Wolf, Biologist and leader of Edible Mushroom workshops for beginners.

Ingeborg Woodsworth grew up foraging for wild edible mushrooms with her family.  A professional landscape designer, consultant and educator, Ingeborg has studied plants and fungi of the pacific northwest for the past 40 years, with a particular interest in mushroom toxicity.  For more information about the annual Cowichan Salmon and Mushroom Festival that she organizes visit her

SP Galerina autumnalis April 3 254x300 Wild MUSHROOMS   Delicious or Deadly?

Galerina autumnalis found April 3, 2010 with SVIMS at Sooke Potholes

SP Amanita pantherina February 6 RR 31 Wild MUSHROOMS   Delicious or Deadly?

Amanita pantherina found February 6, 2010 with SVIMS at Royal Roads University

SP Gyromitra esculenta Brain mushroom False morel 1 April 23 2009 email 248x300 Wild MUSHROOMS   Delicious or Deadly?

Gyromitra esculenta, the Brain Mushroom or False Morel Found April 23, 2009

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