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Earth Weave Paper Design

untitled Earth Weave Paper Design

EarthWeave Paper Design

Adrienne and Hanna are paper makers from Salt Spring Island BC. They use edible and non edible plants, barks, grasses, and stalks to create exquisite paper.
As collage artists, they use natures offerings in their designs, so crafting handmade paper was a natural progression and expression of their art. 
The paper making  started in their kitchen with a blender and cooked leaves and grasses from the garden.
untitled2 Earth Weave Paper Design
Patience and curiosity helped the process unfold. They peel, cut and cook for hours intoxicated by the plants scents. Beating the plants into a pulpy mixture then stirred into water is where the sheet pulling begins. Their paper is made to write on, paint on, or just enjoy the beauty and expression of nature within the paper.
untitled3 Earth Weave Paper Design
Some of the plants used are:
iris leaf, garlic stems, seaweed, artemesia, hollyhock, corn husks, horsetail plant, and grasses gathered from the gardens and farms of Salt Spring Island BC
                                                       EARTHWEAVE PAPER DESIGN
                                                              SALT SPRING ISLAND BC
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