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Take Back Your Time

How to take back your time at the Sooke Harbour House. Eden here and now? Life is not pallid, dull and insipid, lacking in any sense of adventure. At Sooke Harbour House there is a sense of wonder present everywhere. Don’t you always hear every one of your friends and colleagues say I have no time to …., I will do this when … At Sooke Harbour House we want to show you how one day, one night or two days will feel like an exotic holiday.
Planning an island escape for the weekend? Find it in Sooke at the Sooke Harbour House–
Take the less traveled road west and you’ll be amazed by our “rugged good looks”! Venture through forests and follow the trails in East Sooke Park, take in ocean views from Sooke Harbour, wind your way up the coastal road and explore hidden beaches and coves. Let yourself go, take a deep breath and be surrounded with the refreshing and relaxing nature of our west coast as all your senses come alive.
Discover your “wild” side. We offer an incomparable list of outdoor adventures, some truly thrilling, others less adventurous, hiking hundreds of miles of trails and beaches, biking on and off roads, birding, fishing for some of the largest salmon, kayaking, rock climbing, scuba diving (discovering a truly psychedelic world), snowshoeing and back country skiing, surfing, whale watching, wind surfing and zip lining. But don’t deny yourselves the greatest comfort of all and time spent in our “Sea-renity Spa” and discover a sense of relaxation, wellness and sheer joy!
If you decide to leave the coziness of your ocean view room, you can learn from the multitude of artists or just visit their studios,or join one of our exceptional chefs and learn our secrets of fresh, seasonal cuisine. Maybe take our daily Garden tour and taste some of our edible organic plants, or go with Sinclair Philip co -owner for a mushroom trip
Come and find a place to rest and reflect. Listen to waves on rocks and sand. Marvel at starry night skies, stunning sunrises and sunsets and quietness all around….
Take back your time to play, dream, do lots of things or nothing…
Just a 35 minute drive from Victoria and only a few hours away from Vancouver and Seattle by ferry and car, even less by air.
Discover Sooke Harbour House and beyond. Rediscover yourself.
We offer a ” take back your time” package including a two night stay at Sooke Harbour House, featuring a menu of a la carte outdoor adventures and wellness-spa services, gastronomical adventures, and excitement. Eden here and now!!
Our most important concern at the Sooke Harbour House is encouragement – encouraging our guests to seek, to experience, to plan, to create, to DREAM and to discover one of the greatest luxury in life; time. Savour every moment with us. We want to give them the necessary kick start they need to live more in the moment and not to postpone….take back your time now….
I myself want to learn to live more in the moment and not postpone as I don’t know if the next moment will be there. We have all the conveniences of technology but have lost the essential part of our life TIME to enjoy this convenience?!?!

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