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Sleeping around at the Sooke Harbour House with Reb Stevenson

Reb Stevenson’s short video about her stay in our hotel last  December , shows how exciting it can be to slow down, cozy up in front of a wood burning  fireplace and let time expand…….She showed also great humour, especially while biting in a piece of decomposed bull kelp. In the winter months  seaweed is like gold for gardeners only but not for our chefs. In our kitchen we use the seaweed that is alive and in the ocean between April and September, not the composted dead seaweed  that is along the beaches. Diane Bernard, the “Seaweed Lady” from Outer Coast Seaweed and Sea Flora Spa products collects and uses  the freshest seaweed in her line of  Spa products.  Watch this short video, I hope it will entice you to pick up the phone or go online and reserve your stay with us soon!

Frederique Philip

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