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Sinclair Philip on January 19th will talk about mushrooms at the Swan Lake Nature Center.

Tuesday, January 19
Vacation Pictures from the Stay-at-Homes.
Kem Luther
and Sinclair Philip will bring along some of their best pictures of plants, mosses, algae, animals and fungi in Southern Vancouver Island.
Ultimate proof that digital cameras do not improve bad composition skills.
Swan Lake Nature House, 7:30 p.m. Admission is free. Bring a friend. Botany Night: 3rd Tuesday, 7:30 pm, Swan Lake Nature Centre.

Sinclair’s presentation will be on mushrooms.  Sinclair has always been passionate about local food, he is now very regularly walking the forest to discover everything about mushrooms. He has a large collection of books on mushrooms, works with our chefs to discover the best recipes using mushrooms.  We have discussions at home as I believe that mushrooms don’t need very much, just sauteed in a little bit of butter ( I am French butter makes things better!), not too many herbs, a tiny bit of garlic, and finished with a bit of cream at the end, is how I like to eat them, just mushrooms….! My favorite is cauliflower mushroom. At home, on our very steep bank , on the north side,I have placed a few alder logs to hold the bank and I hope to inoculate the logs and be able to harvest some oyster mushrooms!Do you think I want to impress my husband?

Would you like to send us your best mushroom recipe?

Frederique Philip

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