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2010 Olympics, where to stay outside Vancouver or Whistler

The Winter Olympics in Whistler, British Columbia are upon us. Vancouver and Whistler are buzzing with
excitement. Many visitors will want to be as close to the action as possible, many others will likely try to retreat to less crowded areas. I want to reach both groups but for different reasons!

If you have never visited Whistler, it is a charming but small town with only one highway in and out of it. Vancouver is certainly spacious and offers lots of accommodation ranging from basic to premium but the numbers anticipated to visit during the Winter Olympics are very, very large. Every resort, hotel, motel, even a hostel will experience an
overwhelming demand for accommodation.

It is not only athletes and media, but also contractors, various
vendors, temporary workers, fans, groupies, regular tourists, regular
holiday visitors and many other groups that will be not only looking for
rooms but food services, shopping, attractions and sharing a little
highway from Vancouver to Whistler.

If you do not plan on watching games from the front row, may I recommend
a peaceful, quiet, and relaxing altenative that is only a short trip away.

Vancouver Island is sure to have more availability and the waters
between us and Vancouver and Whistler will surely keep us away from
overcrowded highways and Vancouver hotels and shopping centers.

We invite you to come and stay here at Sooke Harbour House, where you
can spend your stay in comfort, peace, and uninvaded luxury. To keep up
with the news and the games we offer free WIFI throughout the hotel,
free use of a guest computer, and of course, two large screen hi-
definition TV in a luxurious “Potlach Room” and in the Garden Room where we
can arrange for creative party snacks and Champagne to celebrate or the
whole daily menu brought to you for uninterrupted Olympic viewing!. Of
course if you prefer the intimacy of your luxurious room where you will
enjoy a wood burning fireplace, a large bathtub for two or a Japanese style
soaking tub for two outside, steam showers and much more, we will provide a
television for you to not miss any event, as well as room service! The
luxurious way to experience the Winter Olympics where you watch every event
from start to finish and pamper yourself at the same time. You win Gold
every time!

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