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Jacinda Hames

chiton 150x150 Jacinda Hames

Ceramic Chiton

Jacinda Hames

Artist Statement

Over 71% of this earth’s living space is ocean, which is inhabited by plants and animals. Even more importantly, over half of the world’s population lives within 60 miles of a coastline. These largely populated areas have threatened our local ecosystems, causing an increase in marine pollution, habitat destruction and in turn global warming; in particular Canada’s marine habitat and its ability to sustain itself.

Hames03 150x150 Jacinda Hames

Porcelaine Sea Spine $5,900.00 CAD

This body of work is based on a series of photographs that I took while diving and going for walks along the beach of both the East and West Coast of Canada. Along these journeys various local materials such as; sand, rocks and shells were collected. It is these local materials that I use in my artwork. I break down found organic materials and incorporate them into my ceramics. It is also the color, pattern and texture of the Coastline’s of Canada that I portray in these works.

During my education at NSCAD University these experiences were explored and then stylized in many different types of media. But, in the end I have found that clay is the best vehicle for me to express my ideas.

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