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Allan Blyth

Blyth01 Allan Blyth


Allan Blyth educated his eye in the techniques and craftsmanship of carving at a very early age. Born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia, he spent hours as a child watching master carvers restore ancient totem poles and house-posts destined for the Victoria Museum. In his 20s, Al was introduced to a master carver who became his teacher in the Kwagiulth style. He carved and painted as a hobby for many years, earning his living in the shipyards and the family business. When an industrial accident cut his career short, Al began carving full-time. He creates ceremonial masks, as well as bowls, boxes, walking sticks and feast dishes. Soon he will be incorporating metal casting, stone, bone, and other natural materials, in his works.

Blyth02 Allan Blyth


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