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Daily Archives: July 8, 2009

Jason Hart

He was born in Ontario, where he lived in Lake Huron. He studied leather work and became a leather carver.

At the age of 23, Jason moved to Victoria, B.C. to study and learn the art of native wood carving. With the help and guidance of a Haida carver by the name of Randy Reid, he has achieved renowned success. He now carves in mediums of Red and Yellow Cedar, Alder and bone.

He is the sign of the Raven, hence his favourite carving.

Red Cedar Chest

Cedar Chest

Isabelle Groc

Isabelle Groc is a Vancouver-based writer and photographer. She covers environmental issues, urban affairs, conservation, wildlife, and the relationships between people and their environments.

In her nature photography, Isabelle is interested in conveying a sense of intimacy and connection with the animals. She often focuses on unusual details of species or offers extreme close-ups.

In her writing, Isabelle reports on human activities that either endanger ecosystems or contribute to protecting them. She believes that photography and reporting are equally important in telling stories about our complex relationship to nature.



Originally from the South of France, Isabelle has lived in New York and Boston before settling down in Vancouver, Canada. She has a master’s degree in Journalism from Columbia University and a master’s degree in city planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her photos and articles have appeared in various publications in Canada, the United States, and France.

Isabelle has won several photography competitions including the CBC David Suzuki 2005 Nature in Focus Environmental Photography contest. She is the recipient of the Great Waters Institute fellowship from the Institutes for Journalism and Natural Resources, and the Scripps Howard Institute on the Environment fellowship. She is a finalist of the 2007 BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition.


She volunteers for several environmental organizations in British Columbia, including the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre and the Stanley Park Ecological Society.

Allan Blyth

Allan Blyth educated his eye in the techniques and craftsmanship of carving at a very early age. Born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia, he spent hours as a child watching master carvers restore ancient totem poles and house-posts destined for the Victoria Museum. In his 20s, Al was introduced to a master carver who became his teacher in the Kwagiulth style. He carved and painted as a hobby for many years, earning his living in the shipyards and the family business. When an industrial accident cut his career short, Al began carving full-time. He creates ceremonial masks, as well as bowls, boxes, walking sticks and feast dishes. Soon he will be incorporating metal casting, stone, bone, and other natural materials, in his works.





John Bellis

John was born in Masset on haida Gwaii of Haida origin.  He is the grandson of “Captain Andrew Brown” well known Argillite Carver from the Islands. About 10 years ago he started working with wood and continues to do so at his home in Sooke, B.C. where he now resides.

The Brentwood Box

The side of a single piece of Red Cedar which has been kerfed in three places, then steamed and bent into the box shape.  When dry, the kerfs are glued and the join is drilled and pegged.  The bottom is carefully fitted then glued, drilled and pegged.

Malcolm Barker

Malcolm Barker originally from Blackpool, England grew up in central Ontario and now resides in Victoria BC with his wife Carol. He is an artist and musician with an eye for “that something just a little different”.

Malcolm has been a working in graphic design for 15 years and for the last four years has owned and operated his own graphic design company – em-barker graphics. With a focus primarily on print advertising, posters and brochures, em-barker graphics has done work for several Victoria businesses and non-profit societies.



While Malcolm has had no formal training, he has a passion for the arts in all its forms. Over the years he has worked in several mediums including sculpture, digital art, acrylic, collage, and currently mixed media.  His artistic processes are primarily experimental and he continually pushes himself out of his comfort zone often with unique, inspiring results.

Linda Danielson

Fabric Doll

Fabric Doll



Linda Danielson has worked in the dining room of Sooke Harbour House since 1980, where she is much nourished by the creative environment. She has also long been involved in textile arts but only lately discovered that her true passion is making art doll figures. Her studio resembles an archeological dig comprised of fabrics, beads, paints, bones, shells, stones, dried foliage and all kinds of wonderful thrift store finds. Using Celtic studies, shamanism and folklore as inspiration, each piece is needle-sculpted, lightly painted and masked. Her work has been included in many local exhibitions and can be found in private collections in Great Britain, Australia, the U.S. and Canada.



Fabric Doll

Fabric DollFabric Doll

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