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Randy Kerr

DSC 0053 300x211 Randy Kerr

Yellow Cedar Star Table $2025.00 CAD

DSC 0016 300x199 Randy Kerr

Yellow Cedar Spawning Salmon Table $2025.00 CAD

 Randy Kerr

Raven Catching the Sun (stained yellow cedar) $675.00 CAD

Randy Kerr

Hello, my name is Randy Kerr.  Thank you for your interest in my carvings.

I initially began woodcarving 5 years ago when I moved to Victoria, with my wife Shauna to join our two daughters who were attending universtiy here.  I was a chiropractor and had been in practice for 27 years in Belleville, Ontario.

When we arrived in Victoria, I set up a chiropractic office downtown in Market Square.  One of my neighbours in the area was Jack Kerr, “the Lone Wolf” who had a boutique storefront to market his carvings.  I greatly admired his work, which consisted of cedar carvings of Native design.  He agreed to accept me as his student.  I was deeply drawn to this creative work and eventually my calling changed from chiropractic to carving.  I left my practice in 2007 to spend more time carving.

I love working with our native woods, and in particular both red and yellow cedar.  The texture, the smell and the beauty of the wood inspire me.  Most of my carvings are inspired by native designs, which seem to connect with a deep inner part of me.  Presently my focus and interest is in carving “coffe” tables, although I still enjoy large animal wall plaques and full di

DSC 0016 Randy Kerr

Yellow Cedar Salmon Table

DSC 0053 Randy Kerr

Yellow Cedar Sun Table

ning tables. 

Thank you again for your interest, and I would love to carve something just for you!!

Randy Kerr

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