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Phoebe Dunbar

Phoebe Dunbar has always appreciated the art and aesthetics found in nature  growing up amidst a family of writers, artists, boaters, paddlers and adventurists.  It is no surprise that she now carves and creates wood art to share with others.  Three years ago she began to carve bowls for her friends and family.  After literally giving away a truckful, she was encouraged to sell a few, and now her work is for sale! Phoebe no longer uses knives to carve, but instead uses power tools to reveal the hidden beauty of grain and color that can be found in burls.  “I had no idea there was so much life to them.  It’s gratifying to see visitors’ appreciation for wood,” she says.  Her passion for wood came early in life, from watching her father beachcomb and carve toys from found wood.  Phoebe has spent the last two decades exploring Vancouver Island by land and water, and when a hand accident stopped her from creating pottery, she turned to creating art from burls.  On the many paddling trips she took with her twin sister, artist and writer, Mary Gazetas, she started carving fish and paddles.  “Mary was the writer, and the one who did the sketches in her journals.  I could not be a writer – I had to carve!  As Twins we needed our own identities.”  Phoebe has had

her wood art showcased and sold at Sooke Harbour House.  Now one of Phoebe’s favorite activities, when she isn’t hiking, fishing or gardening, is searching for burls.

DSCN2613 286x300 Phoebe Dunbar

Douglas Fir Desk Piece with Glass Ball $180.00 CAD

DSCN2615 300x225 Phoebe Dunbar

Fir Bowl $165.00 CAD

DSCN2612 300x225 Phoebe Dunbar

Yellow Cedar Bowl $180.00 CAD

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