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Dinah Giffin

Dinah paints to capture precious moments and convey her love of nature. She particularly loves to paint the elusive creatures of the sea: fish, octopus, otters. Delighting in the abundant beauty of the West Coast, Dinah feels she is blessed with opportunity and subjects. She was born in Toronto, Ontario and all through elementary, junior and high school her entire focus was art, art, art. Dinah graduated with Honours from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Following graduation, she represented the Fine Art Department for The Helen Pitt award in Vancouver. Dinah has exhibited in both Sooke and Victoria.

Giffin01 Dinah Giffin Ling Cod, Sole,  Acrylic          20″w x 30″h

Giffin02 Dinah Giffin Siesta, Acrylic        26″w x 29″h

Giffin03 Dinah Giffin Foraging Grizzly, Acrylic            40″w x 30″h

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