1st place at the Empress Hotel, Victoria Festival of Trees

Our team ( Amanda and Jill,event coordinators, Sharan Gallery Gift Shop and Britta our sommelier)

Our Stars

Our Stars

decorated for the Festival of Trees at the Empress, we won first place before the Empress (2sd) and the Times Colonist(3rd)! This is a fund raising for the BC Children Hospital and the goal this year is to raise enough money to open a pediatric center in Victoria so children and parents don't have to travel to Vancouver.
Our team was so excited to win first place! Don't they look fantastic as Wishing Stars and of course by the Sooke Harbour House tree with our chef and all the stars we always thrive to obtain...

To raise more money you need to go and vote for a tree ( $ 2.00 to vote), I hope you will chose to vote for our tree, a Sooke tree!
Thank you for letting everyone know ......

Here are a few highlights from before the event, and of course the tree itself.